Wazifa To Destroy Enemy Immediately – Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick

Wazifa To Defeat Enemy

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy Immediately

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy Immediately

No matter how good a person you maybe, but there are people in the world that will be jealous of your goodness. If they don’t find anything wrong with you, then they will just be jealous of your peace. In short, each one of us has an enemy in this world. But, every enemy has different levels. While there are some enemies who want bad for you in their heart, while there are others who are ready to do any harm to you. If you also have an enemy of this kind, then you should avenge him by reciting wazifa to destroy enemy immediately.

Such an enemy shouldn’t be ignored. If someone has the guts to harm you, then you should also make dua and recite wazifa to destroy the enemy immediately. If you pray to Allah Talah for your security and also seek his guidance to destroy your enemy, then you are not doing any sin. Allah says, that you can punish your enemy till the extent he has harmed you. So, leave the judgment on Allah Subhana Wa Tala and recite wazifa to defeat enemy and Insha Allah, your enemy will get out of your way.

Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick

Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick

If your enemy is harming you personally or professionally, then you should also make attacks on him. You should recite wazifa to destroy enemy immediately and soon you will see your enemy making losses. If you want to punish your enemy health-wise and make him miserable, then recite wazifa to make enemy sick. The wazifa will affect the health of your enemy and soon he will turn miserable. He will not be able to cause any harm to you and will get involved in his health-related issues.

If your enemy has done everything to harm you financially or personally, then you should also leave no stone unturned. Recite wazifa to defeat the enemy and you will see how it destroys your enemy. You can get the wazifa to make enemy sick from our molvi sb. Recite the wazifa to defeat the enemy with great sincerity and determination. Have firm faith in the justice of Allah Talah and soon, the Almighty will bestow you with what you desire. Don’t be afraid. Your enemy will not be able to cause you any harm anymore!

Wazifa To Defeat Enemy

Wazifa to destroy enemy immediately is given below as;-

“Allah Humma Inni As Aluka Wa Ata Wajjahu Ilaika Bi Muhammadin Nabbiyir Rahmati Ya Muhammad Inni Kad Tawaj Jahto Bika Ila Rabbi Fi Hajati Hazihi Li Tukza Li Allah Humma Fa Shaffi Hu Fiya”

Recite this dua after the namaz of Asr 101 times and then think of your enemy and pray to Allah Miyan to destroy him completely. Insha Allah, within 21 days, you will get to see favorable results.

You should also recite Surah Kausar and think of your enemy and pray for his sickness. Insha Allah, very soon your enemy will get sick and there will be no withdrawal.

If you have any questions, then you can come to us directly for help.

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