Wazifa For Love Marriage Surah Ikhlas


Wazifa For Love Marriage Surah Ikhlas

Surah Ikhlas Wazifa for love marriage; Loving someone and getting married to the person of choice is like filling life with joy and pleasure.  Marriages are considered as big events of human life. Such events become bigger when someone gets married to a person of choice. marriages are a way to transform your love towards your lover as a lifelong commitment. Usually, there is always an ecstasy moment involved surrounding love marriage relations.

However, love marriages have never been so easy as it looks like as there are always some hurdles involved within. with love marriages, obstacles are bound to come, no matter how pure emotions you have about a lover. sometimes you have to convince your parents for love marriage and sometimes there has been social pressure. To concrete all such hurdles that make your love journey towards love marriage difficult, you can take help from surah ikhlas wazifa for love marriage. Here we have enclosed a sample procedure to perform surah ikhlas wazifa for love marriage for your reference.

  • Make Fresh Wudu
  • Now Perform Istikhara For Nikah 
  • Take a clean piece of white paper and write 786 on top of it.
  • Make 8 vertical and horizontal boxes on that paper.
  • Start writing with QUL and end with AHAD.
  • Now Imagine the person you want to marry.
  • Prepare and Extra copy of this and put this into amulet while one under your pillow.

Feel free to consult with our Islamic scholar Rashid Ali Ji if you find any difficulty while performing this surah ikhlas wazifa for love marriage.

Wazifa of Surah Ikhlas For Love Marriage

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