Wazifa For Control Husband

Wazifa For Control Husband

Dua and Wazifa for Husband Controlling

Are you one of those wives whose husband does not give them any importance? Are you the one whose husband doesn’t listen to her? Doesn’t your husband give you sufficient time and love that you deserve? Do not be upset! Sometimes husbands have a very dominant nature and they do not listen to their wives a lot or give them importance.

If your husband is very rude towards you and he insults you every now and then and doesn’t consider your opinion important, then you should perform wazifa for control husband. The wazifa will help you get the love, respect and attention of your husband in your life.

There are times when your marriage seems to lose its charms. And your husband starts behaving differently towards you. He doesn’t pay heed to what you are experiencing or going through. When you practice wazifa for husband controlling, then your husband will start behaving to you in the same way as before.

He will give you more love, attention, affection and care than before and will always think of you first. The wazifa for controlling husband is for all those wives whose husbands treat them badly.

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Marriage is a sacred bond between two people and it changes the life of a woman completely. She leaves her own house and starts a new life with her partner. And, this is why she is more concerned and worried about his health, prosperity, and happiness.

If you are worried about your husband’s health and you want your husband to always be hale and hearty, then you should recite dua for your husband’s good health. The dua will always keep him in good health and nothing bad will ever be able to affect or harm him.

After marriage, a woman totally relies on her husband for everything. And if the behavior of the husband isn’t good, then it ruins the very life of the wife. All wives aren’t lucky and they do face the wrath of their husbands and do not get a partner as they have desired.

If you are suffering from this problem, then by the grace of Allah Talah, you can seek the help of our Molvi sab. He will give you the remedy for your husband’s nature and the wazifa for controlling your husband. Just book an appointment with him on call and seek help to control your husband by the blessings of Allah SubhanaWa’ Tala.

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For all those women whose husbands are facing health issues, they can also seek guidance from our Molvi sb. and get dua for husband good health. He will provide you with the best possible remedy and it will immediately cure any illness or disease that your husband has been affected with.

Wazifa for husband controlling is given below –

On a Sunday night between maghrib and isha, you should take some rose flowers. Recite this dua 7 times on every flower and keep it below the pillow of your husband.

“Allah HummaTahisaAlaiyaAbsaraZalimatihi Wal Murideena Bis SuyiWa An TasrifKulubihum An Sharri Ma Yadh Meru Nahu Ila Khairi La Yam LakahuGairaka”

Keep doing it for three days constantly. Make sure the dua is done only by a wife for her husband and no other purpose.

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