Spell to break up relationship – lemon spell to break up a friendship

Spell to break up relationship - lemon spell to break up a friendship

If your marriage is going through a lot of ups and downs and you have no idea which way to go and what to do, then spell to break up relationship will help you in ending your marriage. The spell will separate a couple and make both the people go on their own paths. It will create differences amidst a couple and turn their relationship sour. The spell to break up relationship will never let you dirty your hands and put an end to relationship by creating such circumstances.

If you love someone who is trapped in an unwanted relationship and you want to free him/her and get in the relationship with that person, then you should cast spell to break up relationship. The spell will bring that relationship to a dead end and that person will part his/her ways and come to you. Similarly, if you wish to create difference between two friends, then spell to break up a friendship is all you need. The spell will end all the love, companionship and friendship from their hearts and they will turn foes.

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If someone has just used you for friendship and left you in between, the lemon spell to break up a friendship will help you in taking your revenge. It will make the two friends hate one another and they will never be able to get back together. However, you should practice the spell to break up a friendship only with firm determination and pure intentions. Also remember one thing that there is no reversal of lemon spell to break up a friendship, so you should cast the spell only when you are 100% sure about it.

It is necessary to discuss the spell to break up relationship with a professional spell caster. Under his guidance, you will be able to cast the spell in the right manner. It is important to involve the belongings of the person in the spell to make it more effective. Once the object they own comes in the spell, it attracts the forces of the nature and helps in replicating the situation in real life. So, make sure you give your 100% and not take the spells lightly. The spell to break up a friendship is made to separate two friends whose friendship you can’t bear. So go ahead and cast the spell and soon you will get results in real life.

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Spell to break up relationship

For this spell you need a silver platter, black velvet, two black candles and item belonging to male as well as female.

  • Arrange the velvet on the platter. Now keep the belongings on it. And place both the candles on either sides.
  • Light both the candles and let it burn for 9 minutes. Visualize the separation and breakup of the couple.
  • Create as much magical energy as possible. There is no limit for it.
  • Once done, blow the candles out and fold the items in the fabric and throw it on cross roads far from your sight.

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