Istikhara Dua For General Guidance

Istikhara Dua For General Guidance

Istikhara is one of the best ways by which a person can make decisions about anything under the guidance of almighty Allah SWT. Istikhara can be done for any purpose. For marriages for jobs for admissions all kind of decision regarding any field. The istikhara carried out for all purposes is known as istikhara dua for general guidance. This istikhara prayer for seeking guidance is way of getting guidance from Allah SWT with the help of namaz.

Istikhara can be done for various matters of life. Some want to decide that whether they should do arrange marriage or love marriage. Some people want to decide that the person whom they love will be correct life partner for them or not. This istikhara prayer for seeking guidance helps them in taking such decision. Some people do istikhara for their business. They want to know that the decision they have taken will profitable for their company or not. The guidance supplication with istikhara dua will be very helpful in deciding such issues.

Some people want to go to abroad for job purpose. But they are not able to decide that doing job in foreign country will be beneficial for them or not. General istikhara dua for all is the best way to come to an conclusion. This guidance supplication with istikhara dua should be performed after taking assistance from Molvi saheb. Istikhara can be done for small issues as well for big issues of life. Whenever a person has to take some important decision in his or her life he or she can go for istikhara.

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General istikhara dua for all can be done for all purpose. This istikhara will help in taking correct decision. Many people are not able to decide that which decision would be right for them and which decision would be wrong for them. By performing this istikhara a person will be able take correct decision.  Istikhara dua for general guidance should be performed like this – Perform this istikhara after esha namaz before going to sleep. You have to start by reciting Surah Nisa for 9 times and after that read 6 rikat optional namaz.

istikhara prayer for seeking guidance

Then read this istikhara dua for general guidance – Allâh Humma Innee Astakh Eeruka Bee Ilmeeka Waa Astaq Deeruka Biqud Rateeka Waa Aas’aaluka Min Fad Leekal-Azimee, Fa Innaa Ka Taqdeeru Waalâ Aqdeeru Waa Taa’laamu Waalâ A’laamu Waa Aanta Alla Mul Ghu Yubi. Allâh Humma Inn Kun Taa Taa’lamu Anna Hâdhal Aamra Khay Run Lee Fee Dini Wa Maa-Ashi Waa Aqibati Aamri Faq Dir Hu Lee Waa Yas Sir-Hu Lee Thum Maa Baarik Lee Fee Hi Waa In Kun Taa Taa’l Amu Anna Hâd Hal Amra Sharr Un Lee Fee Dini Waaa Maâ Shee Waa Aqeebati Amree Fas Reefhu An Nee Was Rifnee An Hu Waq Dir Leeyal Khay Rah Hay Thu Kaâna Thum Ma Ardini.

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You should go to sleep after this procedure after praying to the Almighty to guide you through. Insha Allah, Allah SWT will give you guidance in your dreams. If you have any questions regarding the procedure of istikhara you can contact our astrologer

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