Islamic Amal For Marriage Proposal

Islamic Amal For Marriage

Amal For Marriage Proposal

Marriage is an important part of every person’s life. Every person wants to get married at the right age to the right person. The process of marriage or nikah begins with a marriage proposal. In Islam, the marriage proposal is sent from the boy’s side to a suitable girl. Then the decision is left on the girl’s family. They decide whether they want to accept the proposal or not. To get a proposal or to get a proposal accepted, the amal for marriage proposal is used.

Amal For Marriage ProposalIf a man likes a woman and want her and her family to accept his marriage proposal then he should read the amal for marriage proposal acceptance. This will make the woman’s family let go of the doubts they have regarding his proposal and easily accept his proposal for their daughter. He will soon get married to the woman he likes and get to spend his life with her.

Islamic Amal For Marriage

When a girl wants to get married, she waits for good marriage proposals. When she gets a good marriage proposal that fulfills her expectations of a life partner she can agree to get married. If a woman is not able to get a marriage proposal, she might feel sad and depressed. The stress of not getting married might also affect her. To get rid of all this stress, she should read the Islamic amal for marriage.

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With the help of the Islamic amal for marriage, the people who are unable to find a life partner can change their destiny. This is a very powerful remedy that deals with all the unseen problems that are causing a delay in the marriage. By getting rid of all the problems, this amal helps people in getting married to an amazing person.

Mujarab Amal For Marriage

When a man or woman falls in love, they try everything in their power to get married to their lover. The efforts they make to marry the love of their life is definitely challenged with the obstacles that come in their path. Many people are not fortunate enough to get married to their beloved. However, the people who take help of the mujarab amal for marriage, can easily get married to their love.

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The murajarab amal for marriage is a very powerful technique that helps people in getting married to the person they are in love with. This amal deals with all the problems that can delay marriage. We are now going to tell you the process of performing the mujarab amal.

  • The mujarab amal is performed after the night prayer.
  • At first, recite the Darood-e-Pak for 11 times
  • Begin reciting the Surah Yaseen Sherif for 3 times.
  • Then, recite “ Ya Allahu Ya Fattahu for 303 times
  • After that recite the Darood-e pak for 11 times again.
  • Eat something sweet after completing the process of the amal

If you continue to do this amal for 40 days, Allah will fulfill your wish of marriage in a very short time.


If you want to know more about the amal for marriage, please call our Maulvi Sahab for help.

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