Dua To Protect My Marriage

Dua To Protect My Marriage

Dua To Protect My Marriage

It is very commonly seen that people go through difficult phases in their married life. These difficult times often lead to their marriage breaking apart. We all know that a marriage is a very delicate relationship. It needs efforts from both the partners. What we are not aware of is that a marriage also needs to be protected. This protection is required from multiple aspects, which we will discuss later. But the dua to protect my marriage should be performed by a married couple on a regular basis.

Dua For Protecting My MarriageWhen a couple gets married, they need to know that there are a lot of negative people with evil intentions as well as negative energies around them. All this negativity can negatively impact their married life right from the beginning. A new bride or groom can always get affected by a negative energy and this can be harmful for the marriage as well. To avoid any of this happening to your marriage, you should read the dua to protect my marriage. This dua should be read right after getting married so that you begin your marriage on a happy and safe note.

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Dua For Protecting My Marriage

A marriage stays protected when the husband and wife are loyal to each other. The base of trust and faith in a marriage becomes the solid grounds of a happy and stable marriage. But, nowadays many couples don’t hesitate in bringing a third person in their marriage. A lot of men leave their wife for another woman. The other woman’s evil intention often leads to the end of a happy marriage. To make sure your marriage is saved from another person, you should read the dua for protecting my marriage.

Apart from outsiders, many a times a marriage needs to be protected by the family members as well. There are some negative people in the family that want to ruin the happiness of a couple. For this they try to create misunderstandings and conflicts between the couple. The dua for protecting my marriage is a remedy through which such people’s bad intentions never get fulfilled.

How To Protect Your Marriage In Islam

Sometimes, people need to protect their marriage for their own bad habits. Many people unknowingly create problems in their marriage that leads to their marriage ending on a bitter note. These habits might not be acceptable to their spouse. The lack of communication and tolerance between the spouses can also become the reason of the end of the marriage.

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We are now going to tell you the dua of how to protect your marriage in Islam.

  • You have to begin this dua after the Isha salat.
  • Sit on a prayer mat after performing fresh ablution.
  • Begin with reciting Durood Ibrahimi eleven times.
  • Now, recite the 39th Ayat of the Surah Taha.
  • Again recite Durood Ibrahimi for eleven more times.
  • In the end, ask Almighty Allah SWT to solve your marriage problems and to protect your marriage from a divorce.


Insha Allah, just within 21 days, you will feel the changes in your married life. The remedy is a tried and tested process of many other couples.

If you want to know more remedies about how to protect your marriage in Islam, you can call our Maulvi Sahab and discuss your problems with him personally.

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