Dua To Destroy Enemy – Dua For Victory Over Enemy

Dua To Destroy Enemy

Dua To Destroy Enemy

Who can be a better protector than the creator of humankind on earth? Indeed Allah Subhan Wa Taala has created you and only he has the power to protect you from all the evils that may try to hurt you, in any way. If you want to destroy someone who has hurt you, then only the dua to destroy enemy can make it happen.

The dua to destroy enemy is very strong and sacred. Once you have casted this dua to destroy enemy on a specific person, then there is no coming back from it. This is why, you need to seek permission from our Maulana Sahib before you practice the procedure for using the dua to make someone suffer. If your reason is genuine or if you feel you need to destroy someone before that person attempts to hurt you, then our Maulana Sahib will give you the permission to use the dua to destroy enemy.  

Dua For Enemy

Dua For Enemy

This dua to destroy enemy is extremely strong, once used on someone then it will not stop until and unless it will completely destroy that person. Since the dua for enemy to suffer is sacred therefore it is very important for a person to understand the procedure to practice it and carefully follow it. No mistakes and carelessness will be entertained while making use of the dua for enemy to suffer. If you want to make your dua for enemy to suffer – a success, then follow our guidelines carefully.

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If you have a specified enemy, who has always tried to hurt by any means, then you may use the dua for enemy to suffer. There are times when you may not want to hurt someone, but since they treat you as their enemies, then you will have to do something before it gets too late. The best protection from enemies is the dua for enemy to suffer that is mentioned in the Islamic scriptures.

Dua For Victory Over Enemy

Dua For Victory Over Enemy

The dua for victory over enemy is given below as:-

Allah Humma Inneee Auzubeekaa Min Jahdee Alblayee Waa Darakee Aassaqay Waasuueee Alqaza Eee Waaa Shaammaa Taahee Al Aadayyee.

First of all, you need to offer the compulsory prayers five times a day. After completing the Farz Salah, you must recite the above-mentioned dua for victory over enemy. Don’t forget to add the DUROOD E PAK in the beginning and end of the dua for victory over the enemy. Now, after all of this, you must take the position of Sajood and beg Allah Subhan Wa Taalaa to make your enemy suffer, as he or she wanted you to suffer. Pray to Almighty to destroy them and remove them from your lives permanently.

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Insha Allah, you will notice some positive changes after the first three days practice of the dua for victory over the enemy. If not, then you must reach us to understand the obstacles or errors.

So, destroy your enemies or someone you hate the most, make them suffer from today only, by using the dua for the enemy to suffer on them.

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