Dua For Protection From Evil Eye – Evil Eye Protection Dua

dua for evil eye

Dua for evil eye

People have always been affected by evil eye. The worst-case scenario of an evil eye is the death of the person on whom it has been cast. Thus, it is very important to protect you and your dear ones from the evil eye. There is no other way other than this dua which can protect you from its bad effect. It is important to seek refuge in the words of Allah from every devil, beast and evil eye. The dua for evil eye is your one-stop solution to take immediate protective steps in this regard.

If you think that your kid has been affected by evil eye and he has been crying all day or suffering from fever and the medications don’t seem to work, then you should immediately practice evil eye protection dua. The dua will bring your child back from the trap of bad eye and cure him. Insha Allah, your child will get cured. It may not be necessary that evil eye is only casted with negative emotions. Sometimes you just say praise someone with good intentions, but satan misuses it and it leads to evil eye. Dua for evil eye can help you avoid this situation.

Dua For Protection From Evil

Evil Eye Protection Dua

When you include the name of Allah Talah in everything you do, then you don’t get affected by evil eye. The dua for protection from evil is extracted from the holy Quran which helps you in fighting all the bad satanic things of the world. If your health has suddenly started deteriorating and you don’t know the reason for it or your business has for no reason started making losses, then dua for protection from evil will safeguard you and your business. Recite this dua to avoid such an incident from happening.

At times you go all well-dressed for a party. You may be looking for your best and people intentionally or unintentionally may evil eye you. Thus, it is important for you to recite evil eye protection dua and prevent yourself from getting affected by the evil eye. Recite the dua 7 times blow it on you and then visit any place. Insha Allah, nothing will be able to harm you in any way. You can get the dua for protection from evil from our Molvi sb. He will guide you with the right dua for your condition.

Evil Eye Protection Dua

Dua For Protection From Evil

Dua for evil eye has been given below:

“Bismillahi Allah HummaAzhabHarrahaWaBarda Ha waSabaha”

Recite this dua 7 times if you just want to protect you from evil eye and 51 times if you have been affected by evil eye. Blow it on a glass of water and drink the water. If your dear one is affected, then you can make him/ her drink.

The dua will immediately give a relieving effect. However, if you don’t see any changes in the condition in 3 days, then consult our Molvi sb. immediately. He will give you taweez against the evil eye to protect you from its harmful and disastrous impacts.

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