Dua For Getting Good Marks in Exam – Dua For Sharp Memory

Dua For Getting Good Marks in Exam

Dua For Getting Good Marks in Exam

There is no sure shot formula of getting good marks in your examinations. However, along with hard work and effort, you can always recite dua for getting good marks in exam to get a good result for you. The dua helps in wiping out your exam fear and make you pass with good grades. Often kids even after knowing everything fail to write it in the exams. They have examination fear. But, when you know things, then this pressure can be handled by practicing dua for getting good marks. 

Even if you have written all your papers and now you fear about the results, then don’t worry. You should practice dua for getting good marks in exam. Insha Allah, your report card will be brightened with highest grades. But, it literally doesn’t mean that your marks will come even when you haven’t written anything right in the paper. You need to study well and practice dua for exams and memory to get good marks in your papers. If you have a problem of forgetting what you learnt and you don’t know why it happens to you, then recite dua for exams and memory and Insha Allah, you will never experience this problem anymore.

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Dua For Exams and Memory

Dua For Exams and Memory

Sometimes kids are weak in studies and they fail to learn things in the right way. They don’t have sharp memory to learn everything in the first stance. If your child is facing this problem, then you should make dua for sharp memory. Insha Allah, your child will start understanding and learning things in the right way. He/she will never forget answers during their exam. You should also bring a change in your approach of educating your child to help them understand the coursework in a better way. Do not scold your kid for petty little mistake and lessen their confidence.

You can get the dua for sharp memory from our molvi sb. He will share the best possible remedy with you and Insha Allah, it will definitely help you child. If your child takes a lot of exam pressure and this ruins his paper, then you should recite dua for sharp memory and exam. Insha Allah, he will never forget anything in exam and write his paper with confidence. He will do better in every paper.Make sur you recite the dua for getting good marks in exams a few days before your exams start.

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Dua For Sharp Memory in Exam

Dua For Sharp Memory in Exam

Dua for getting good marks in exam is given below:

Allah Humma La Sahla Illa Ma Ja’al Tahu Sahla Wa Anta Taj Alul Hazna Iza Shi’ta Sahla

Recite this dua in every salat and before and after you do your paper, all your exam, till the time you get your results. Pray to Allah Talah to help you get good marks in your exams. Insha Allah, you will pass with flying colors.

Do not worry. Even parents can practice this dua to get good results for their kid. In case of any question, you can freely talk to our molvi Rashid Ali sab.

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