Dua For Divorce

dua to make divorce easy

Divorce (called talaq in Urdu) is a decision taken by a husband and wife to end their marriage. We have all heard that marriages are made in heaven that always last for a lifetime. However, this fact does not apply to many marriages. Some marriages break apart in a very short time and some marriages break years later due to bad circumstances. But not every divorce has to be an ugly matter. There are couples who part ways on a happy note with the help of dua for easy divorce.

We have all heard that divorce is an ugly process where a husband and wife blame each other for all the bad things in their marriage. Along with the blame game, they also try their hardest to tarnish each other’s image in front of others. If you are also going through a similar phase then you must be aware of the stress of such situation. If you want your divorce process to happen quickly, then you should take the help of the dua for divorce.

Dua For Easy Divorce

There are a lot of people who are stuck with their spouse who has been cheating on them for a long time. On the other hand, there are people who cannot stay with people who are not loyal. These people decide to break their marriage as soon as they find out about their partner’s extramarital affair. For the sake of their self-respect, they take the decision of taking a divorce. They just want to end their marriage without making an unnecessary scene. This can be done with the help of the dua for easy divorce.

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Dua For DivorceCompatibility is one of the most important factors that make a marriage successful and happy. If a married couple is not compatible, they will never be able to love each other. Without love, their marriage will never be happy. Instead of suffering in a loveless marriage, they should take the step of ending their marriage. They need the help of the dua for divorce. Along with this dua, they can also use the dua to make divorce easy so that their divorce happens without any problem

  • Start with performing an ablution.
  • On a piece of paper, write your wish about divorce and fold it up. Keep that paper in front of you.
  • Keep a glass of fresh water in front of yourself.
  • Recite ‘Ya wadoodo’ 10 times initially.
  • Then recite the Surah at least 5 times
  • Now recite “HAllAa Ameer Amaan Allaah Bismillaah Taimur Quraaney siraamni toraah” for 200 times
  • After this, drink the water that you had earlier kept before you.
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How To Divorce In Islam

Even though the concept of divorce is still a taboo in our society, taking a divorce is acceptable in Islam. If a couple has tried everything to save their marriage and yet are unsuccessful then their last resort should be divorce. They would then want to know how to divorce in Islam?

A couple who wants a divorce should consult a Maulvi to find out how to divorce in Islam. Along with it, they should also take knowledge of the Dua To Make Divorce Easy.

If you want to know more about this dua, then you can talk to our Maulvi Sahab about it.

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