Dua For Husband Bad Tempered Husband

Dua For Bad Tempered Husband

Dua For Bad Tempered Husband

No woman would want a husband who has a short temper. A man who gets angry at the smallest of issues can be a very irritating partner. A bad tempered husband can be a huge problem for a wife. If you are a person who is married to a short tempered man, then you need the dua for bad tempered husband.

Dua For Husband Bad HabitsIf you want your husband to become a calm person and not get angry over small issues, then this dua will help you. The dua for calming your bad tempered husband is used for taking Allah’s help in changing your husband’s behavior. This Islamic method is very useful for the women who are tired of handling their husband’s unnecessary anger.

Dua For Bad Husband

A man becomes a bad husband when he fails to keep his wife happy. A married woman who deals with a husband full of anger can never be happy in a marriage. She might wonder how to deal with her short-tempered husband. The remedy to remove the rage of a husband is the dua to remove husband’s anger 

The dua for bad husband is the prayer that women need to change their husbands’ angry habits. This dua is a mighty prayer that will help a man let go of his anger and find peace in life. With this newfound peace, he will be able to make efforts to keep his wife happy.   

To read the dua for bad husband to change forever, you have to follow the steps of the dua mentioned below:  

  • Make sure you do not perform this dua during your periods.  
  • Begin with performing ablution and wear a fresh set of clothes.  
  • Sit in a quiet place and begin to chant “Yaa Salaam” 32 times.  
  • Then, you have to recite this verse: “Marah zil rovskey collin zilch tan con cal Omar dusto karth” 551 times.  
  • After you complete reciting the dua for bad husband, pray to Allah to bless you with the love of your husband.  
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How To Deal With Difficult Husband In Islam

We all know that marriage is a commitment of a lifetime. This commitment cannot and should not be broken for small issues. Women are taught to respect their husbands. They are taught accept all the good and bad habits of their husband without any objection.

Nowadays, no woman has the patience to handle difficult husbands. When they face difficulties in their married life, they want to break their marriage. It is haraam in Islam to break a marriage for such small reasons. When a couple gets married, they promise to make themselves better for the happiness of their partner.

Women who think of giving their difficult husband another chance, always think of how to deal with difficult husband in Islam? You need not worry; we have the answer to this question. To change the unacceptable behavior of your husband, you should first try to change some of your habits. You should first try communicating with him and try to understand what is bothering him. Try to be patient and refrain yourself from lashing out your anger on him. Seek Allah’s help for guidance in solving this difficult problem of your life.

Dua For Husband Bad Habits

When a girl gets a marriage proposal, she always expects her husband to not have any bad habits. Sometimes, when a girl gets married then only she comes to know about the true habits of her husband. It is very heartbreaking and frustrating to find the bad habits of your husband. This problem can be solved with the help of the dua for husband to stop bad habits.

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As we all know consumption of alcohol and smoking is not allowed in Islam. But men somehow adopt these habits because of their bad company. These habits should not be acceptable to any woman as well. The dua for husband bad habits is a remedy that can help a woman in forcing her husband to change his bad habits.

The dua for husband to stop bad habits is a remedy that will make your husband understand what his bad habits are. With regular recitations of this dua, he will be able to realize that he has been doing wrong things in his life. With this realization, Allah will give him the guidance to change his habits in a proper way.

Dua For Bad Character Husband

The biggest problem a woman can have in her married life is a husband of loose character. It is totally unacceptable for a woman to accept a husband to see her husband getting involved with other woman. Every woman wants a husband that will stay away from otherd women after marriage.

If you are married to a man whose character is questionable, then you should use the dua for bad character husband. This dua is a method that will change the behavior of your husband. The best way to perform this dua is written below;

  • This dua should be recited after all the five namaaz of the day.
  • Begin reciting this dua as soon as you finish your namaz “Allaah Hummaa Inni Auzu Bikaa Min Munkaratil Akhlaaki Wal A’maali Wal Ahwaa’un.”
  • Recite this dua for at least 51 times.
  • At last, ask Allah for help in changing your husband’s bad habits.

Within a few days, you will begin noticing changes in the behavior and habits of your husband.

If you have any other questions about this dua, then you can seek more help from our Maulvi Sahab.

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