Dua During Pregnancy For Boy – Best Dua For Pregnancy Hadith

Dua During Pregnancy For A Boy

Dua During Pregnancy For A Boy

Best Dua For Pregnancy from The Quran

Pregnancy is a blessing. Every parent wants to have a family and wish to have someone to carry forward their name. Though having a girl child is a boon from Allah Talah, but still, couples crave for a boy child who can carry forward their family’s name. So, if you also desire a male child, then you should make dua during pregnancy for a boy. Insha Allah, the Almighty will fulfill your desire and bless you with a healthy baby boy who will look after you.

Despite so many benefits of having a female child, couples still want a male child. And yes it is not wrong in Islam. Hence you have dua during pregnancy for a boy to fulfill your desire. You should recite the dua once you have conceived. But, if you still haven’t conceived, then it is important that you get the best dua for pregnancy from the Quran that will enhance your chances of getting pregnant. The dua is a great boon for those women who have been infertile for years and desperately want to have a baby.

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Best Dua For Pregnancy from The Quran

It is important to know the dua during pregnancy hadith so that you recite it in the most accurate way. Once you recite the dua perfectly, it will bring happiness and good news to you very soon. Do not be hopeless. Sometimes you get the blessing of being a parent after years of your marriage. There is always something hidden behind it. Just rely on the blessings of Allah Talah and Insha Allah, you will get positive results. The best dua for pregnancy from the Quran will definitely help you in being a parent as soon as possible and have a safe delivery.

Dua During Pregnancy Hadith

You can get the dua during pregnancy hadith from our Molvi sab. He will provide you the correct steps in this regard. If you are worried whether your pregnancy will be safe and you will have a healthy baby or not, then dua during pregnancy hadith should be your first resort. And, if you already have a girl child and now you want to complete your family with a male child, then you should make dua for pregnancy for a boy. Insha Allah, you will be bestowed with a male child. Make dua with firm belief and pure intent. Do not have any bad intentions of having a male child.

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Dua During Pregnancy Hadith

Dua during pregnancy for a boy:

If you want baby boy for you, then you should recite the surah given below as soon as you come to know about your pregnancy till the last day of your pregnancy!

Recite surah Teen 11 times daily after making ablution and blow it on a glass of water and make the pregnant lady drink it. Insha Allah, the woman will deliver a healthy male child.

If you need to know anything else related to the dua, then you should come to our molvi sb. and discuss it with him. He will be happy to help you with reference to Islam and the Quran.

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