Black magic spells for revenge – black magic spells of death

Black magic spells for revenge - black magic spells of death

Revenge is something which you should avoid till you feel the very need of it. It causes irreparable harm anyone  to you take it from. However, if someone has done very wrong to you, then they deserve to be harmed. The satisfaction which you get by making you enemy suffer is really great. It gives you a peace of mind to see your enemy in pain. If you really want to unleash your hatred and revenge on someone, then you should cast black magic spells for revenge. The spell will give make your enemy suffer from unpleasant consequences.

If your enemy’s tortures have brought you to the brink to do anything wrong with them, then you should cast black magic spells of death. The spell will outweigh all the bad things your enemy has done to you and bring their life under threat. It will make them suffer brutally health wise and they will see the end of their life. If your enemy has really troubled you and you cannot withstand their presence anymore on this earth, then black magic spells of death will fulfill your purpose

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Enmity enhances destruction. Revenge causes a lot of havoc in everyone’s life. But sometimes you need to create such ill consequences using black magic to teach your enemy a lesson. You should cast black magic spells of destruction black magic to take your revenge from someone you hate. It will torment and torture them in the worst possible way and make their life hell. The spells are bound to create problems for your enemy in any and every field you want. Whether you want to hurt them physically, emotionally, financially or in all the ways, the black magic spells of destruction black magic will do it for you.

But always be 100% sure before you cast the spell as there is no going back. The spell is irreversible and you cannot change your enemy’s condition once it has been casted. You should seek help of a spell caster to cast the spell. He will guide you the right procedure to cast the spell.

Black magic spells for revenge:

For this spell you need 2 black candle, 1 brown candle, 6 tsp. of black pepper, pen, paper, chicken liver or kidney, cardboard with box, paper and shovel.

  • You should perform this spell at dark moon phase.
  • Anoint the candle with chicken’s organ.
  • Arrange the candles in a triangle form with two black and a brown candle.
  • Keep the empty box in the middle of the triangle.
  • Write the name of the person you want to avenge on the paper and cover it with black pepper.
  • Now drop wax from the black candle and send all your evil thoughts to that person to serve your revenge.
  • Do the same with brown candle.
  • Now, fold the paper 6 times with all the content inside.
  • And, seal the folds with black candle, and brown candle.
  • Keep the chicken organ on the top and use a thread to tie it.
  • Now keep it in the cardboard and bury it in 2ft. ground deep.
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